Studio D

Studio ‘D’ - Curved LED Studio

The tremendous visual impact of standing in such expansive high-resolution imagery allows the viewer to transcend the physical space. This live and virtual event technique offers a truly ‘immersive experience’ because it offers unlimited possibilities for careful placement of presenters within worlds of your making.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the enormous wall can raise, lower, grow, or shrink allowing the layout of the space to be adjusted as needed to meet the creative vision.

Technical Specifications
  • Flown 12’ x 45’ @ 2.6mm curved LED wall – (size/trim adjustable to spec)
  • Truss/lighting superstructure ground supported
  • Full speaker support services available (teleprompter/confidence, in-ear IFB, graphics, etc)
  • Remote operation capability for most studio equipment from Control
  • Private green room & ample producer space w/printer + support monitors
  • Private entrance and loading door
  • Available for straight studio rental for flexible use of 5,000 sq. ft. space
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Virtual Production HUB


Technical Specifications