Virtual Production HUB

Making your virtual experience happen
from wherever you are.

The Ice 9 Virtual Production HUB

  • Places your remote presenters into a custom branded 3D environment

  • Serves as the central hub that remotely switches all streaming broadcast content (live, in-studio & remote)

  • Utilizes any standard CDN for broadcast (Zoom, Google, On24, FB, etc)

  • Supports any combination of up to 30 concurrent remote presenters in the virtual space

  • Engages the audience from a familiar ‘on stage’ space

  • Presenters are ‘live’ from the safety of their own home

  • Delivers a higher production value than any standard webcast

  • Requires minimal investment

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Your Custom 3D Environment

  • Allows screens/windows to be created or moved anywhere in the space

  • Offers infinite opportunity for motion graphics, logos and other brand elements

  • Moves the viewer through the environment with camera sweeps and switches

  • Interactive features are easily layered in the program

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Virtual Production HUB


Technical Specifications