Our Team

matt geiser

Matt Geiser

Founder, CEO and Engineering Lead

Matt is a seasoned veteran of the live events industry. From his time at the Berklee School of Music in the early 90s to today, Matt has dedicated himself to pushing the limits of presentation technology. He spent over a decade as a Vista Spyder systems specialist and established himself as a leading video systems engineer in the live event industry over his 20+ year career as a freelance engineer and company owner. From ultra-wide screen panoramic displays for thousands in a live audience, to 3D virtual program engineering design – Matt is the guy to discuss what’s possible today, and what’s next for tomorrow. Matt resides in our Ice 9 South office in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife and two kids.

chaz loewes

Chaz Loews

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

Chaz is a highly accomplished audio, video and VFX engineer who is passionately dedicated to employing the most advanced systems available to make every live and virtual engagement the best that it can possibly be. After finishing his degree in Music Business from the UMass Lowell in 2006, Chaz quickly established himself as an exceptional team leader in the industry. After a dozen years of accumulating an incredible inventory of equipment, Chaz and Matt merged the companies into Ice 9 Productions with Chaz leading the Operations side of the business from our Wakefield HUB and Studios. He lives here in Wakefield with his wife and two kids.

blair howell

Blair Howell

VP, Director of Client Services

For dozens of years, Blair has been integral to the delivery of hundreds of event experiences for thousands of audience members – always while laser-focused on the primary goal – the effective communication of a memorable message by a carefully designed and curated experience. From regional professional theater to corporate theater across 3+ decades, Blair has worked as a Scenic Craftsman, Audio Engineer, Director, Technical Director, Producer, Executive Producer, and Account Director providing full production services for business communications events of all kinds. He brings a broad range of business, theatrical, technical, and creative skills to Ice 9 Productions and works extensively with producers, designers, TDs, and corporate clients across the globe to deliver precisely managed high-impact live event and virtual experiences. Blair works closely with the client, and all stakeholders on the team, to most efficiently and effectively design and technically implement live, virtual, and hybrid events. He lives in Reading with his wife, two kids, and a plethora of pets.


Kevin Lawson

Video and VFX Engineer

Kevin is a senior engineer and technical manager who has been on the front lines of delivering complex event programs for over 3 decades now. His project leadership skills and extensive experience are a huge asset to any live and/or broadcast project that he becomes involved with. As a CAD designer, production switcher, camera director, 3D modeling, and VFX expert, he is always looking for new ways to push the creative limits of current technology - and achieve the client’s vision.

chris fendt

Chris Fendt

Client Services Manager

Chris is a primary client contact for projects large and small at Ice 9 Productions. He brings over 17 years of practical hands-on technical experience to every project. As a technical operations manager, he handled everything and everything in-between everything for just about every show. His experience ensures that personnel, resources, and logistics are expertly managed through all phases of the technical production process. Chris and Chaz were roommates at ULowell going back to 2006, and also has his degree in Music Business. He spent a number of years managing and organizing the Lowell Summer Music Series among others. As an accomplished musician, Chris makes incredible music with his trumpet(s) and has an amazing vinyl collection.

jared mooney

Jared Mooney

Chief Engineer

Jared is a music producer, recording engineer, computer geek, software enthusiast, guitarist, songwriter, arranger, sound designer, foley artist, recording and music gear nut, broadcaster, voice artist, and all-around audio expert. He studied Media Arts, film, and post-production sound at Brigham Young University, and went straight to work in music, television, radio, and event technology. He brings a level of technical expertise to any creative execution that makes all the difference. His skill set includes Image mapping, ultra-wide screen projection or LED, multi-camera switching and direction, D3 Disguise media server, and 3D environment design/operations. He is an innovator and solution seeker who genuinely likes to collaborate with the production team as a manager, and as a supportive colleague. He lives in Boston with his wife and daughter.

Anthony Santoro

Anthony Santoro

Senior Audio Systems Engineer

Following his Music Education and Drum Set Performance Degree from Berklee College of Music, Anthony toured the world as a professional musician. He spent over a decade as Production Manager of Hard Rock Live in Boston where he dovetailed his audio engineering passions into a very successful career as a highly accomplished Audio Engineer. Anthony is well known for is impeccably neat cable management and organization within the many racks of complex digital audio systems that he has designed and implemented with Chaz and Matt over the last 20 years. For highly complex interactive engagements with multiple control rooms, on-site studios, and remote studios in action concurrently, Anthony’s aggressive organization skills set the standard.


Will Gangi

Operations Manager

Will has been leading production teams since he finished up his degree in Communications Media from Fitchburg State. His experience with AV production, warehouse management, freelancer management, labor scheduling, and safety has become integral to smooth operations here at Ice 9. Nothing gets by Will, at work, or in his off time in the net as the goalie for his hockey team. If it needs to be set up, taken down, filmed, programmed, or operated, Will is the guy to count on. He lives in Wakefield, and was recently engaged to be married!

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