Studio A/B – Large LED, Green or Both

LED Screen with Green Screen

With Studio A and B being on opposite sides of the same sprung floor soundstage, we have the flexibility to bounce between the green screen on one side for a host or presenter, and the LED screen on the other side for panel discussions. With cameras set up on either side, we can wipe from one to the other in dynamic ways to keep the viewing experience as energetic as possible from scene to scene.

Green Screen

As a fully lit 40 x 20 x 16h green screen studio, Studio ‘A/B’ all the space you need to create, and all the support to need to make it a reality. It will be ready for you when you get here.

Technical Specifications
  • Camera tracking and motion capture systems
  • Flown truss/lighting grid with Phosphor stage wash
  • Multiple Panasonic 4K robotic camera systems
  • Presenter support including teleprompter/confidence and in-ear IFB
  • Remote operation capability for all technical components
  • Several private green rooms & producer spaces adjacent to the stage
  • Custom LED configurations available
  • Fully integrated HUB control from separate building
Ice Virtual Prod HUB Tech Specs Thumb

Virtual Production HUB


Technical Specifications