Studio A

Studio ‘A’ - LED Screen

Standing in an LED volume is an immersive experience for the presenter or actor, where you are able to see, and interact with and engage with your environment in remarkably authentic ways. All scene changes, camera pushes, sweeps, transitions, graphic overlays, and major visual effects can be adjusted and displayed in real-time on our giant LED screens, so you can achieve the precise experience that you are visioning.

The LED volume is a perfect venue for creating photo-realistic worlds that nurture and support emotionally connected experiences that look and feel, very real to both presenter and audience.

Technical Specifications
  • 24’ x 20’ x 15’h @ 2.6mm LED Walls
  • Camera tracking and motion capture systems
  • Flown truss/lighting grid with a full contingent of intelligent LED lighting
  • Motion control soft-panels
  • Multiple Panasonic 4K robotic camera systems
  • Presenter support including teleprompter/confidence and in-ear IFB
  • Remote operation capability for all technical components
  • Several private green room & producer spaces adjacent to the studio
  • Expandable to include larger volumes and floor
custom 3d soundstage 1
virtual meeting room setup
Ice Virtual Prod HUB Tech Specs Thumb

Virtual Production HUB


Technical Specifications